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I know a lot of you (including myself) are playing Pokemon Go at the moment, and although I’m pretty far behind a lot of people out there (having a job sure is a bitch) I do know of a few websites and tools out there to help you in your journey to be the very best!

So let me share with you a few of them here:

1 – PokéVision


This little beauty allows you to view anywhere in the world, although where you are is most useful, and see what pokemon are near you, the EXACT location of them and even how long until they de-spawn (disappear). Some might call it cheating, but since the “what’s near you” footprint bollocks that’s built into the game doesn’t even work at the time of writing this, I consider it fair game.


2 – Pokemon Go Toolkit


This one I find to be more interesting that super useful (although there are instances it will come in handy). With it you can see roughly what CP your pokemon will have once it is evolved. So now you can dream of the day you finally have 400 Magikarp candy and evolve that 70CP useless fish into a beastly 1400 CP Gyarados.


3 – GoChat


This one I have never used, but I hear it’s not totally terrible. It’s an App made by Razer (those people who make all the fancy black and green PC peripherals) and allows you to chat with other Poké Trainers while out and about. You can even limit your chats to people in the area, so maybe they will help you find that elusive Pokémon you’re looking for. The only reason I don’t use it is because, well, I don’t like people.


4 – Egg Hatching Chart


This is fairly self explanatory really. These are the Pokémon you can get for each type of egg. Even though I know it’s correct, I still never seem to get anything but Rats from my 2k eggs. Feels bad man.


That’s the list so far, but I will update it as more tools etc get brought to my attention. If you know of any, then please do let me know.

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