New Website, Fresh Start

Well, the time has come to get a new website going on here. For those of you who have been paying attention (I expect none of you as I didn’t share it around), I put up a temporary flat HTML 1 page website for a short period of time. This was because I learned the news that I would need to find a new job, and as with everyone’s personal website when they are in a job, it had been left to age and gather virtual dust. I needed something quick, that was responsive and showed off some of my recent work, so up went a 1 page website I created in an evening.

Skip forward to now, and I am back in a secure job that I love but I am trying my best not to let the previous happen again (not that I expect to be without a job any time soon). I have created this website, that at the point of posting this is still needing some work, but I’m an impatient person, and I work best when I can see real content in a site to be 100% sure everything works as intended and it can do everything I need it to.

My plan is to try and keep it somewhat up to date with projects I work on, both personal and professional as well as do fairly regular blog posts (that will most likely become not so regular pretty soon-ish, but I shall try my best). So here we are, a new website, starting from scratch, and hopefully being filled with content soon.

If you have any comments about he website, then feel free to keep them to yourselves 😉

– Dan

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